Traffic & Local Incident Notification


Email and SMS text notification system for VCH Local Alerts and traffic incidents within Storey County. The system will text or email you when NHP incidents indicate an event has occurred within Storey County. These are the same incidents that appear on the main page of VCHR filtered for Storey County.
You may register below for VCH Local and traffic alerts.

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No notifications to cell numbers between quiet start time and quiet stop time. Quiet start and stop times are expressed in 24 hour time (ie 2300 = 11pm) in the Pacific Time Zone. Start=2200 Stop=0700 would send alerts to email from 10pm to 7am the following morning.

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Traffic alerts are often written in an abbreviated format, which at times may be difficult to decipher. VCH Local and Traffic Alerts are provided "as is" with no expressed or implied warranty for accuracy, accessibility, timeliness, readability, or usability of any alert processed via this service. Registering for an account means you understand and accept the limitations of this service and the Privacy Policy (click to view).


The interactive map below shows the mileage markers along SR341 (pink within STorey County, green within WAshoe County, and red within LYon County) and SR342 (blue within STorey County) which are often used to indicate where along the highway an incident has occurred. An incident which lists the location as SR341 7ST would be near mileage marker 7 in STorey County (pink) and an incident which lists the location as SR341 1WA would be near mileage marker 1 in WAshoe County (green) shown on the map below. Intersections along the highway are also used on occasion.